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5 Mistakes to Avoid 
When Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Use These Techniques to Optimize Your Cabinetry Design, Even if You Don't Know Where to Start!

#5 Using a high maintenance countertop.

What part of your Kitchen takes the most abuse? The countertop! Cutting, cleaning, prepping, mixing, and rolling will all be done on this surface. Not to mention occasional spilling and dropping. It may even be used as a dining area, home office or your kids crafting table. Natural stones like granite and marble can add to the aesthetic of your kitchen. Their unique patterns can look like a piece of artwork sitting on top of your cabinetry, but they may also come with required care and maintenance. Natural stones can be porous, require sealing and are more susceptible to staining. They may have fishers and natural movements that make them more likely to break or crack.

A less maintenance and more worry-free option is Quartz. Although Quartz is a man-made product, good quality Quartz is made from 90+% natural quartz crystal. The slabs are often designed to reflect the look of natural stone and there are hundreds of designs to choose from. Good Quality Quartz is nonabsorbent, so it resists staining and won’t harbour harmful bacteria. It also never needs to be sealed. Quartz is scratch resistant and extremely durable. A great choice for any kitchen.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article – we hope you’ve found the information helpful and can use what you’ve learned to begin designing your dream kitchen.

If you need help designing and planning your space, then click the link below and fill out our project planner. We’ll put you in touch with one of our experienced designers to help guide you through the process.

Happy Designing! 

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