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Choosing The Right Cabinet Wood

The sleek designs in kitchens with lots of glass, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances can benefit from the contrast in wood cabinets. The contrast provides some warmth to the room unless a very modern, industrial feel is the design plan. Natural hardwoods have their own unique properties and mineral deposits. Deposits for example and can be highlighted by the use of stains or glazes. Over time as the wood is exposed to light you will find it naturally ages even though stains and glazes have been used.

Humidity is another factor and certainly in kitchens and bathroom affect the wood so maintaining the humidity level is important to the life of your wood cabinets. Listed here are the hardwoods and their characteristics, colour ranges and what makes each unique.


Alder can range from the very rustic ( heartwood, streaks, pin holes, open knots ) to clear and unmarked. The colour can range from pale red to a cherry brown, a softer wood than Maple or Cherry it is a stable surface for stain and finishes.


Natural Cherry has a colour spectrum from deep brown through golden yellow to a deep red and will darken as it ages. This versatile wood adds an elegance to any decor and can have a modern feel and yet something from the past.


Maple is full of character and works well with many styles and finishes, colour ranges from a creamy white to pale reddish brown. It’s subtle grain pattern and smooth uniform appearance can include what is known as bird’s eye, dots and mineral deposits.

Oak/ Rift Oak

Oak has a strong open grained pattern and tawny patina, with hues from salmon red to a dark cinnamon. It may have random wormholes, mineral deposits, knots and wild grain patterns, it’s very durable and suited to traditional, casual or rustic looks.

Rift Oak is cut at an angle to the rings of the tree so that the grain reveals interesting flames, flakes and rays. Using this in your design provides and artistic look and can easily be adapted to any style, certainly will give a room a very modern look.

If you are struggling trying to choose the right wood for your kitchen cabinets in Victoria, please contact us today.

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