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Why Work With a Kitchen Designer

When planning to renovate a present home or in the startup phase of a new build the question of resale value often comes up. Today’s homebuyers are looking for that wow factor in the kitchen and bathrooms, so money spent here will increase the value of the home. With the expense involved in planning a new kitchen or renovating one making the wrong choice in cabinets or countertops can be overwhelming.

Going It On Your Own

If you decide to plan your own kitchen and choose all the elements like cabinet style, colour and finish, countertops right down to the hardware remember to trust your instincts. After all you know your taste and style better than anyone and you will be the one living in this room.

Things To Watch For

  • Colours on cabinet doors and finishes can look very different under the lighting in the showroom, be sure to take a sample home and see how it looks under lighting in the room.

  • Once you’ve chosen the cabinets and countertops, the main elements, gather backsplash and paint samples and check them out together in your kitchen lighting.

  • Learn from your mistakes if you choose a cabinet colour you don’t love don’t compound the mistake by spending more money for countertops to rectify your first decision.

Working With A Kitchen Designer

When you work with a qualified kitchen designer here at Seaside Cabinetry & Design you have the benefit of their years of experience. Pulling the overall concept of your dream kitchen from the custom cabinets, countertops and paint colors, we can make suggestions and offer advice to make it a reality. When you find you’re undecided it’s reassuring to have the expertise of certified designer which can help avoid costly mistakes

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