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The Versatility Of Your Kitchen

No other room in the home offers the versatility of the kitchen, while other rooms may be used for one or possibly two purposes none has as many functions as the kitchen. Many of our memories of socializing with friends and family center around sharing a meal. Cooking, eating, doing homework or exchanging the events of our day, the kitchen is the room that brings the family together.

When entertaining guests seem to gravitate to the kitchen, while the living room may have more comfortable seating there is something about the coziness of the kitchen that naturally draws people there.

The Multipurpose Kitchen

A multipurpose kitchen will have a significant portion dedicated to workspace for cooking from slicing, chopping to rolling out dough. The kitchen island provides versatility with custom designed islands that house drawers, pullouts and microwaves or wine fridges. Seating can also be incorporated into the island with stools that offer a place for more casual meals or for guests to keep you company while you prepare a meal.

Cabinet design can provide a study area with a built in desk for the student or home office creating a family gathering spot. An eat in kitchen can be redesigned with a combination of bench seating and chairs for meals or possibly accommodate a small seating area depending on your ideas. Imagine your children doing homework while you prepare dinner, you’re close by to help if they need you, or maybe they curl up reading, together in your multi-purpose kitchen.

At Seaside Cabinetry & Design, we can help make your visions a reality by presenting you different options to consider when you’re planning a new kitchen or renovating your existing space.

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