Why Work With a Kitchen Designer

When planning to renovate a present home or in the startup phase of a new build the question of resale value often comes up. Today’s homebuyers are looking for that wow factor in the kitchen and bathrooms, so money spent here will increase the value of the home. With the expense involved in planning a new kitchen or renovating one making the wrong choice in cabinets or countertops can be overwhelming. Going It On Your Own If you decide to plan your own kitchen and choose all the elements like cabinet style, colour and finish, countertops right down to the hardware remember to trust your instincts. After all you know your taste and style better than anyone and you will be the one living in th

How To Prepare For a Stress Free Kitchen Remodel

The prospect of undergoing a major kitchen remodel can be stressful. After all, the inconvenience of not having your kitchen can be overwhelming. Below are some suggestions to help you gain control during your remodel. Once your cabinets are ordered you could begin packing away those seldom used items. Use the process to declutter and rid yourself of items you no longer use. A few days before the installation is scheduled, remove and pack up the remaining items. As you remove these final items from your cupboards pretend you’re moving by labelling boxes as you pack. This will make the unpacking process go quicker and efficiently. Set aside any essential items such as a coffee maker, can open

The Versatility Of Your Kitchen

No other room in the home offers the versatility of the kitchen, while other rooms may be used for one or possibly two purposes none has as many functions as the kitchen. Many of our memories of socializing with friends and family center around sharing a meal. Cooking, eating, doing homework or exchanging the events of our day, the kitchen is the room that brings the family together. When entertaining guests seem to gravitate to the kitchen, while the living room may have more comfortable seating there is something about the coziness of the kitchen that naturally draws people there. The Multipurpose Kitchen A multipurpose kitchen will have a significant portion dedicated to workspace for coo

How to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

Today’s rising cost of owning a home in Victoria BC has produced a new trend in housing with small house living, or you may already be living in a home where space is at a premium. The kitchen is one room you may find difficult to imagine making the most of on a smaller scale. Listed below are some suggestions to maximize your kitchen space. Rolling carts that allow for the portability to roll it out when you need extra counter space then can be conveniently tucked away in a closet. Pot racks mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling save the space used to store them and pans are right at your fingertips. Conquer the corners which are mostly underutilized when it comes to countertop work

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