Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinet Colour

Kitchens are one room in the house that can be expensive to design and there are several elements to consider when choosing the right colour for you kitchen cabinets. Start with the least flexible elements of the room like flooring or countertops and worry about less about matching to easier and more cost effective items to change like wall colours or trim. Countertops For granite and any material you choose it’s best to keep it neutral. Aside from cabinets the most expensive part of the kitchen can be the countertops. By staying with a neutral colour, it allows you to change the wall colour or appliances at a later date to give it a fresh look which is not as pricey as new countertops. Cabi

5 Areas Where Kitchen Lighting Is Important

Your kitchen lighting may need to be reconsidered as every room in the home should have several different types of lighting. A kitchen that faces mostly North may be fine during most of the year and yet very dull in the long Winter days and evenings. Obviously it’s best when a kitchen has lots of natural daylight. But in some cases that isn’t possible due to the design or location. These are five areas that you should look at when accessing your kitchen's lighting. Lighting Over the Sink You need good lighting to do a proper job of cleaning pots, pans, and plates and see what you’re trying to scrub away. Especially during those dreary times of the year, as mentioned, a North facing kitchen m

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