How To Keep A Kitchen Clean For Thanksgiving

Despite all the good intentions to keep the kitchen clean when preparing for a Thanksgiving feast often the plan falls short. With all the food prep and a stream of guests arriving the kitchen can end up a mess. Some planning beforehand will control the chaos and make for a much more relaxed host! Start With A Clean Kitchen While it sounds counterproductive you’ll want to start with clean countertops, oven and stovetop. Any risk of contamination will be eliminated and you’ll only be dealing with cleaning up from Thanksgiving dinner. Organize The Refrigerator Go through the fridge and toss out any leftovers or items that are close to being expired. Now that you’ve cleared out some space thoro

Stylish Cabinetry That Is Also Functional

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets in Victoria you may wonder if they can be functional as well as making a stylish statement. Sitting down with our kitchen designer Jessica Kwasnica will allow you to see that you can have both elements in your design. Aesthetic Customizations One way to get both is to consider changing out a few doors for glass inserts a great way to display your favourite dishes or collectibles. Playing with cabinets of different heights and depths can add a lot of visual interest to your kitchen. Another current trend that’s emerging is exchanging open shelves in place of upper cabinets. Features For Functionality No need to stop with the outside of your cabinets

Kitchen Island or Kitchen Peninsula

Interior design has seen a trend towards installing a kitchen island for it’s modern, stylish appeal. If you find yourself undecided between a kitchen island or a kitchen peninsula here are some points to consider. The Kitchen Island by definition is an unattached counter accessible from all sides. The Pros of a Kitchen Island An island provides additional workspace and storage for all sorts of items even non kitchen ones keeping them organized and out of the way. The ease of access from all sides and design elements like sinks and appliances allow family and friends to hang out while you do meal prep. Kitchens are a natural gathering place to talk, eat or for kids to do their homework. T

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