7 Items To Store Using Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Most doors, especially kitchen cabinet doors, have great potential that’s often disregarded by homeowners. Because of this, we want to share some surprising tips on how to organize your kitchen using your cabinet doors. Here are the seven items you can store on the back of your cabinet doors: Container Lids – Place all the food containers in the shelves and use a magazine holder to put the lids on the cabinet door. Nothing will be pushed back or gets lost, and the lids will all be in one place. Cooking Foils – Use a magazine holder to store cooking wraps, foils and papers. Cooking Utensils – You can easily use 3M hooks for this project. The wood piece along with the hooks is bonded on the do

How to Optimize Your Kitchen to Achieve the Triangle

The kitchen triangle is the space between your stove, refrigerator, and sink. This commonly used space is an important factor that reveals how efficient your cooking space is. The notion of the kitchen triangle was introduced in the interior design industry through a number of time motion studies conducted in the 1940s. Efficiency specialists have explained that no one side of the kitchen triangle must be less than four feet or over nine feet, and all the three sides must have a total of between 13 and 26 feet. Also, there must not be any storage, cabinets, or an island inside the kitchen triangle. Kitchen Triangle Design Guideline Rules The ideal distance among the three elements of the tri

3 Kitchen Cabinets You Can't Do Without

Kitchen cabinets don’t only serve as vital storage, but they also take up the most real estate part in your kitchen. This means they take a significant role in determining the overall look of your space. The best kitchen cabinets are those that can impeccably represent your taste and style and at the same time, maintain functionality. Below are three kitchen cabinets you can’t do without: Base Cabinets Base cabinets serve as the footprint of your floor plan and take up most of your daily kitchen work. These cabinets, which are mounted on the floor, support the countertop. Kitchen islands are erected from the base cabinets and installed on site. Wall Cabinets Wall cabinets are mounted on the

Choosing The Right Cabinet Wood

The sleek designs in kitchens with lots of glass, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances can benefit from the contrast in wood cabinets. The contrast provides some warmth to the room unless a very modern, industrial feel is the design plan. Natural hardwoods have their own unique properties and mineral deposits. Deposits for example and can be highlighted by the use of stains or glazes. Over time as the wood is exposed to light you will find it naturally ages even though stains and glazes have been used. Humidity is another factor and certainly in kitchens and bathroom affect the wood so maintaining the humidity level is important to the life of your wood cabinets. Listed here a

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