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How To Keep A Kitchen Clean For Thanksgiving

Despite all the good intentions to keep the kitchen clean when preparing for a Thanksgiving feast often the plan falls short. With all the food prep and a stream of guests arriving the kitchen can end up a mess. Some planning beforehand will control the chaos and make for a much more relaxed host!

Start With A Clean Kitchen

While it sounds counterproductive you’ll want to start with clean countertops, oven and stovetop. Any risk of contamination will be eliminated and you’ll only be dealing with cleaning up from Thanksgiving dinner.

Organize The Refrigerator

Go through the fridge and toss out any leftovers or items that are close to being expired. Now that you’ve cleared out some space thoroughly wipe down shelves and inside drawers to make room for the Thanksgiving food items in your clean fridge.

Clean As You Go

It doesn’t take long for your kitchen to start looking like a disaster once the food prep and cooking starts in earnest. Having a sink filled with soapy water to wash dishes and countertops as you go will keep you ahead of the mess.Your goal is to have a clean kitchen at the end of the day. Cooking dishes ahead of time and simply reheating is an easy way for everyone to enjoy the Thanksgiving feast.

Enlist Help

Welcome offers of help from guests to make the day enjoyable for you the cook as well. Take advantage when others offer to clean up after the meal you’ve worked hard to prepare for this day.


Relax and enjoy yourself this day is meant to be spent with family and friends those dishes in the sink can wait until tomorrow. A great kitchen layout is so important for a functional kitchen.

At Seaside Cabinetry we have lots of ideas to design a kitchen that works for Thanksgiving and everyday! Contact us to learn more about our Victoria BC kitchen cabinets.

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