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7 Items To Store Using Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Most doors, especially kitchen cabinet doors, have great potential that’s often disregarded by homeowners. Because of this, we want to share some surprising tips on how to organize your kitchen using your cabinet doors. Here are the seven items you can store on the back of your cabinet doors:

  1. Container Lids – Place all the food containers in the shelves and use a magazine holder to put the lids on the cabinet door. Nothing will be pushed back or gets lost, and the lids will all be in one place.

  2. Cooking Foils – Use a magazine holder to store cooking wraps, foils and papers.

  3. Cooking Utensils – You can easily use 3M hooks for this project. The wood piece along with the hooks is bonded on the door, making it removable.

  4. Cutting Boards – The knowledge of placing cutting boards inside the kitchen cabinet has been adapted for a number of ways. From utilizing skinny baskets to towel bars, there have been a lot of ways that people have attained this idea.

  5. Medicine Notes – Do not file your vital medicine notes. The inside of your medicine cabinet can be utilized to keep vital information when in need and yet kept out of site from day to day view.

  6. Measuring Spoons – Use 3M hooks here as well. So your measuring spoons won’t bang against the cabinet door, you can add a layer of cork. Bonus: Pushpins may also be used to add recipes and important notes on the corkboard.

  7. Spice Rack – Using only two metal strips, you can create a spice rack that is easy-to-use and easy-to-organize. Just make sure to provide space for the shelves.

We all hate shuffling through drawers to find some of the items above. So we hope you will use some of the methods to better store your much needed items so they are easy to find and in a convenient place.

If you need any help is designing and optimizing your kitchen cabinets in Victoria, contact us today to learn more about our design service.

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