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Stylish Cabinetry That Is Also Functional

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets in Victoria you may wonder if they can be functional as well as making a stylish statement. Sitting down with our kitchen designer Jessica Kwasnica will allow you to see that you can have both elements in your design.

Aesthetic Customizations

One way to get both is to consider changing out a few doors for glass inserts a great way to display your favourite dishes or collectibles. Playing with cabinets of different heights and depths can add a lot of visual interest to your kitchen. Another current trend that’s emerging is exchanging open shelves in place of upper cabinets.

Features For Functionality

No need to stop with the outside of your cabinets when the inside of your cabinets can bring additional function to your kitchen as well. Corner cabinets can provide lots of accessible storage by installing a rotating Lazy Susan also roll outs are now being used. Another way roll outs are used is on lower cabinets which means you don’t have to search on your hands and knees for saucepans. To keep your kitchen clean and free of clutter the tip out tray can be installed just below the sink to store sponges and brushes. Recycling has made the option to have a cabinet to keep your separate bins hand but hidden from site.

Smart Choices

While it may be tempting to include all of the upgrades keep in mind it is possible to have a beautiful, functional kitchen by including some of them. Adding some features will increase the value of your home and becoming standard features in kitchens these days. If your heart is set on glass display doors you might wonder if they will fit well with the style of cabinets you chose and that’s where a kitchen designer can advise you. When it’s time to make that dream kitchen a reality you can count on Seaside Cabinetry for turning your vision into reality.

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