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Kitchen Island or Kitchen Peninsula

Interior design has seen a trend towards installing a kitchen island for it’s modern, stylish appeal. If you find yourself undecided between a kitchen island or a kitchen peninsula here are some points to consider.

The Kitchen Island by definition is an unattached counter accessible from all sides. The Pros of a Kitchen Island

An island provides additional workspace and storage for all sorts of items even non kitchen ones keeping them organized and out of the way. The ease of access from all sides and design elements like sinks and appliances allow family and friends to hang out while you do meal prep. Kitchens are a natural gathering place to talk, eat or for kids to do their homework.

The Cons of a Kitchen Island

The biggest disadvantage is installing one can make a small home feel more cramped and take up valuable floor space. Choosing to install a smaller island will not allow enough room to fit everyone comfortably in the space.

A kitchen peninsula is a set of cabinets connected to the rest of the kitchen.

The Pros of a Kitchen Peninsula

In smaller kitchens a peninsula is more space efficient and open enough to give a chance to visit with family and friends as you cook. Bar stools can be added to provide a place to eat or do homework and the convenience of more workspace is a bonus.

The Cons of a Kitchen Peninsula

Open on 3 sides the tendency for it to feel crowded if too many people start rummaging through cupboards or drawers at the same time is a definite drawback. The last thing you want is to feel trapped in the kitchen.

The choice has a lot to do with room size and often it’s hard to visualize the layout of the kitchen.

Still undecided what works best for you new kitchen? At Seaside Cabinetry we can offer some creative options when it comes to islands, peninsulas and kitchen cabinets in Victoria BC.

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