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5 Areas Where Kitchen Lighting Is Important

Your kitchen lighting may need to be reconsidered as every room in the home should have several different types of lighting. A kitchen that faces mostly North may be fine during most of the year and yet very dull in the long Winter days and evenings. Obviously it’s best when a kitchen has lots of natural daylight. But in some cases that isn’t possible due to the design or location.

These are five areas that you should look at when accessing your kitchen's lighting.

Lighting Over the Sink

You need good lighting to do a proper job of cleaning pots, pans, and plates and see what you’re trying to scrub away. Especially during those dreary times of the year, as mentioned, a North facing kitchen may be fine in the Summer but quite an issue on those dull days of Winter.

Above Island Lighting

Pendant lighting can add a sense of style to the kitchen and a way to highlight your island. However it needs to be high enough to be out of the way and yet low enough to adequately light the work area.

The Dining Table

The dining area of your kitchen should have its own lighting to break up the areas of the kitchen. This provides functionality. Choosing the right lighting adds a designer touch to the room.

Accent Lighting Of Cabinets

Perhaps you have something you really want to showcase in your kitchen cabinets. Some cabinets may feature built in lighting to showcase a treasured item. Accent lighting will also make your countertops shimmer, and under cabinet lighting can give the room a warm glow and provide better lighting while you prepare a meal.

Fluorescent Lighting

A trend that has been around for quite some time features stainless steel appliances and but combined with the use of fluorescent lighting it can give the room a stark feel. By using directional lighting it can warm the space up considerably, adding a dimmer switch and the new bulbs available in the softer tones can make a huge impact.

If you have any questions about your kitchen design, please contact us to discuss our kitchen cabinet design service.

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